If you think Dyslexia is the reversal of letters, or simply causes difficulty with reading or processing, you are among the 85% who do not really understand Dyslexia or how it effects those with a RIGHT BRAIN learning approach.

Documentation would tell you that Dyslexia effects 1 in five people or 20% of the population. It also will tell you that there are children in every classroom struggling with dyslexia, however, not all of them can’t read. What it can not measure is how many children have “degrees” of Dyslexia or are more “Right Brain” in their learning approach and how it effects them in the general day to day process of life.


While there are the “classic” cases of Dyslexia among those who learn this way, there are many many more who don’t even realize that why they learn and perceive and think a bit or a lot differently is because their brain is wired differently then education is “set up” to teach.  One might say they understand everything in color and education is mainly black and white, and shades of gray.


Because dyslexia effects more than reading or spelling it has social-emotional effects on children, it can affect their self image, their confidence and can end up looking (or acting) more like ADHD, behavioral issues, short term memory loss (they know something one minute and forget the next), executive function disorder (very disorganized, scattered approach to everything), and difficulty making or keeping friends.

Dyslexia never “goes away,” however what children (and adults) can accomplish can be limitless when learning offers a myriad of ways to learn in a supportive safe environment.  Watch this TedTalks video for great information on understanding Dyslexia.


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