Inclusive Multi-Level Classes…The 360Degree Perspective


Inclusive Environment – We believe in the fundamental concept of inclusion and the value of creating a challenging and respectful environment for all student populations, including those with learning differences, such as Dyslexia, ADHD and those across the PDD spectrum and their typically developing or advanced peers.

The 360 Degree Perspective: Whole child learning – Every student deserves access to high quality academics, enrichment opportunities, social skills development and community integration.

Data driven results – Our educational model is built on over three decades of research and classroom proven results so students have the greatest opportunities to succeed within a responsive, outcome oriented environment.

Broad Community Impact – We want to reach as many deserving students as possible by influencing greater educational norms. As an advocate for the educational success for all children, in our school we are creating an educational model for replication, seeking to mentor and train teachers in other schools, and advise and educate parents to become advocates for their children in all arenas.


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