The Gerard Prep Student Profile

The Gerard Prep Student Profile

Who are Gerard students? What makes this school beneficial for many students? Maybe it’s because Gerard Prep recognizes each child’s abilities and creates opportunities for them to succeed at school and beyond.

Reoccurring parent concern:    My child is  frustrated or feels confusion in the large classes. With the singular, fast or slow paced teaching approach in most classes many students disengage or feel left out.

Parents also voice concerns that “the  social pressures are adversely affecting their child’s personal potential, and worse yet,  their future possibilities.” 

 What parents say about their children…

 ”They are; 

  • bored in classes and need more challenging involved content. (not just busy work)cassia
  • are excellent or advanced in one subject and struggle in another.
  • smart and engaging. They work hard, but they are not excelling.
  • can not learn amid the chaos and disorganization in many classrooms.
  • showing understanding about something one day and not the next.
  • often shy and back away from or are anxious about taking risks
  • often depressed or act sad due to low or poor self-image.
  • still struggling despite tutoring.
  • not confident in or excelling in basic reading skills.
  • confused by or can’t follow or remember simple verbal or written directions.
  • often forgetful, having difficulty remembering things.
  • highly talented and personally interested in the arts and/or athletics, but disinterested in academics.
  • confident in rote math, however struggle with word problems.
  • challenged with retrieval of words and pictures.
  • perplexed by sequential or multiple step processes.
  • poor writers, are challenged in their language ability; frustrated when developing sentences or paragraphs.

Other signs of learning challenges;

  • 9875472_mlVerbal test scores markedly higher than written test scores
  • Does not want to go to school but otherwise enjoys friends and learning
  • High potential; low class marks
  • Often complains of headaches, stomach aches or has frequent bloody noses.
  • Is highly anxious about school and the chaos within a school day.
  • Struggles with the foundations of reading (i.e., phonological processing, word attack, letter-word identification, blending, decoding)
  • Difficulty with focus or attention and/or concentration skills
  • Auditory and/or language processing deficits
  • Short or long term memory issues
  • Weaknesses with expressive language (has difficulty explaining thoughts or feelings)
  • Mathematical Challenges
  • Visual /Physical motor integration issues
  • Socially quirky. Wants to make friends but has difficultly fitting in.

What is an Exceptional or Gifted Learner?IMG_3328

Perfect example of GLD: Think Einstein.

These children seem to have a head start showing early advancement or a vase amount of knowledge in one subject at a time. For example one year a three year old student started at Gerard who knew the name of every dinosaur, how to read their names AND SPELL THEM! He was all things “dinosaurs!”  When he came back after summer the next year, he was a planetary whiz! However, math was NOT his first or last love. By age four he was reading at 3rd grade level but could barely count. Actually, he just didn’t care about counting until we attached numbers to his new area of interest and wove the two together.  Slowly but surely his brain began to balance and his interests expanded. This exceptional specific intelligence requires personalized academics that integrate the new into the known and build knowledge from linear to 360.  Gerard has worked with gifted and exceptional learners for 30 years. We just love their uniqueness!

The Gerard Prep Staff of Gifted and Talented Educators

readingGerard teachers have significant training and experience teaching children with advanced abilities and other learning challenges.

  • Over 90% of our teachers have advanced degrees and collectively over three decades of classroom experience.
  •  ALL lead teachers are Orton-Gillingham trained and certified.
  • We incorporate Explode the Code and S.P.I.R.E. academics in our language  and math classes.
  • We incorporate the Letters Alive reading program which incorporates 3D augmented reality for interactive reading instruction.
  • Continuing education and training for our all our teachers is a priority.

We strive to maintain a 12/1 max in whole class instruction and a 1:1 in reading and math instruction.

GERARD teachers are passionate about their teaching; we consider it our mission to properly prepare God’s children for future success.   As Christian educators we know that every child was created with vast potential and are destined for meaningful purpose.  We believe that each child is as unique as the fingerprint God placed on them when they were fashioned. We take their education very personally because for them, their education should be personally exceptional!