keyWhile Mrs. Sinclair has been in the field of education for almost four decades, her interests and passions span from Neurology to Theater Arts. I agree it appears to be a wide range, but honestly, she would tell you,  they are as intertwined as the right and left sides of your brain… Literally.
As a young woman weaned from Hollywood California and a steady diet of singing, dancing and media, one might think that transferring to a lean diet of brain science and educational application would be a step down… However she says she is certain that the direction her life took led to a buffet of opportunities she would not have tasted otherwise.
Not only is she passionate about  the process of learning and social-emotional development,  her course of studies led to an understanding of her own learning struggles. She had challenges all through school, and although her grades showed an advanced learner, traditional classes did not unlock her love for learning or give her personal confidence or satisfaction.   “I graduated from High School at 16, with a 3.9. I got a B in PE. Not my strong suit.” Not until she entered college did she discover what it took to retain and use what she was learning. Once she understood her own process for learning, she realized that others struggling could be given their own tool box for success. She started developing those tools for others.
“From High School to College to teaching in a traditional classroom,  I had developed an educational approach that combined  current brain science, the best teaching practices, and the cultivation of innate gifts and talents into a teaching methodology I  originally called the Branch Method.  I realized even that education without useful application was useless information.  If the students (or I) could not use what we were learning in some area of personal interest, we very quickly forgot it, or never remembered or understood  it at all. Education had to become personal and ready to apply or the students would just dismiss it or forget it.”  For over two decades she held summer work shops, weekly staff meetings and  did in-class demonstrations to train and instruct her teachers and others  how to bring all that glorious research and information into the classroom as practice. The Branch Method was opening young minds and stimulating them to grow. Students struggles were becoming successes, and the tool boxes were working!
However yesterdays information has never been enough for Mrs. Sinclair. When she moved from daily involvement in the classroom, to more time in the office, her time was greatly spent in research and ongoing studies.  Gleaning from the new scientific information on the rise and listening to educational practices cry out for real revision, she announced over the past year the newly grown and expanded Branch Method, now called the 360 Approach- A Collaborative Holistic and Approach to Educational Application for the Individual Learner .
This expanded tool box includes not only the latest  research in neuroscience  but also what has been practically applied over the past 5 years working with this new generation of learners and thinkers.  ”They are not using the same brains that were installed in their heads before iPhones and iPad learning. This is a new generation and to stay ahead of the curve, we need  a completely refreshed more global perspective. We needed a 360. “frontThe mission at Gerard is to continue to offer a way for students to discover their own 360 and come to know and apply all their potential.
I am blessed to be here. Blessed to be a part of it. As long as He calls us to this mission field we will be here.” Mrs. Janice G. Sinclair~ Head of Education Founder: The 360 Approach “Our Mission is Their Success!” 

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