happy boyDoes your child have an IEP in public school?

The State of Georgia allocates private school voucher funding to students who had an active IEP (Individualized Education Plan) as of March 2012 in a public school.

Answers to your questions:

Is my child eligible?   YES, if the child received IEP services for school year 2013-2014, OR  if you are transferring from another private school that is approved for the SB10 funds.

How much funding is available for my child?  Click and enter your student information.  Print out your award estimate.

How do I use my funding?  ENROLL in a participating private school by April 13th, 2015. Parents must submit an “Intention to Withdraw” form to GADOE and present a contract of enrollment with a private school by April 13th, 2015.   

Need more help?  Contact the GPS Financial Office   (770) 277-4722     Gerard Prep accepts students with mild learning differences (dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, processing disorders, etc).  Our small, unique classroom environment enables students to succeed and improves self-esteem.




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