Accepting Applications for 2018-2019

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 We are currently accepting new applications for enrollment. At this time we have one to two slots available in each class group and we...

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Welcome to GERARD Preparatory School- A Specialty School for Distinct Learners

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CELEBRATING THREE DECADES of Educational Experience with Advanced, Exceptional and Distinct Learners                          ...

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Think 360. Think SUCCESS. The Science behind the 360.

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The Supporting Science for the 360 Approach   Applying the 360 approach means that we look at every aspect of a child’s development and...

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The True Colors of Their Learning Potential: Brilliant!

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Our Students are AWESOME!!!! In the past 30+ years we have seen students who were shy, introverted, bored, unmotivated, exceptional,...

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The Gerard Prep Student Profile

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The Gerard Prep Student Profile Who are Gerard students? What makes this school beneficial for many students? Maybe it’s because...

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Arts & Atmosphere

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This year’s dinner and program were a total hit!  256 friends and family sat down for a catered meal from Olive Garden and then...

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