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2017-2018 Updated Parent_Student...

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Gerard: Connecting to Their Journey -Educational Blog

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We’d love you to check out our new blog site! You will see highlights from school events, check out tips, suggestions and articles to...

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What is Dyslexia?

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If you think Dyslexia is the reversal of letters, or simply causes difficulty with reading or processing, you are among the 85% who do not...

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SB10 Funding: If you are ready to switch…NOW is the time!

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Does your child have an IEP in public school? The State of Georgia allocates private school voucher funding to students who had an active...

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Sometimes DIFFERENT is BETTER! The 360 Perspective

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Inclusive Multi-Level Classes…The 360Degree Perspective Inclusive Environment – We believe in the fundamental concept of...

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Define Distinct Learner, Gifted and Exceptional…

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What does Learning Difference or Distinct Learner mean? Let’s agree that learning difference is an “umbrella” term that encompasses...

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