Think 360. Think SUCCESS. The Science behind the 360.

The Supporting Science for the 360 Approach  

Applying the 360 approach means that we look at every aspect of a child’s development and provide the tools and opportunities students need to become successful; academically, socially and emotionally. It is a completely brain science supported, theory based/class tested, holistic approach to teaching and learning. Whew! That is A LOT! And it is because we use every angle, direction and approach to teach. In fact, no one angle is good enough, so hense; the 360 Approach. 

The 360 Approach educational strategies incorporated at Gerard Prep ensure that we support every learners progressive development and that we identify and encourage individual areas of strength, and mediate where there are struggles. This research-backed teaching approach succeeds where other singular methods may fail. Opportunities stretch beyond academics and recognize each students individual gifts and talents.   We create opportunities for daily progressive success, because where there is success, there is MOTIVATION!



The Difference is OPPORTUNITY

Built on the educational philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori (the Montessori Method), Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligence s), Jean Piaget (Educational Behaviorism), Jane Healy PHD (Education and the Brain), and others,  the 360 Approach to education and personal growth has evolved and developed into a multi-layered approach affecting how teachers instruct, how the day is structured, and how students get involoved creating an environment for interactive learning and personalized instruction.


What We Teach


We utilize the same curriculum that many other schools in Georgia offer, meeting or exceeding the Ga AKS requirements, except we teach using methods that reach learners who are gifted, advanced, or who have creative learning styles such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and other learning distinctions. 



Think-Success-to-Succeed-450-pxThe Underlying Science…The more you know, the more they grow…

Expanding our Understanding of Dyslexia

and Dyscalculia      CLICK to watch a powerpoint written and presented by Janice G. Sinclair  founder of the 360 Approach and Principal at Gerard Prep School, as guest speaker at the UMatter Foundation event.



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