The HARRIS Scholarship Fund-A 501c3


In Honor and Memory of Mrs. Lois Harris who had been a teacher, board member and advisor to the heart of Gerard School for over 33 years, the Harris Scholarship funds dedicates  100% of all donations toward assisting with tuition for students who have Dyslexia, or other learning differences. Mrs. Harris gave much of her adult life to her belief in these learners. Every dollar donated to the Graft Fund a 501c3 LLC is tax deductible.




 Happy Little LearnerMake It Personal …

Have a student you want to sponsor ?  At Gerard through the Graft fund you can choose to help fund any student for one year, or more.  Your donation can be dedicated to a student or a family, and 100% of what you donate will be reduced from their tuition* costs.

Or you can donate to our general scholarship fund and amounts will be dispersed to new families (at generally up to $500.00 for one child, $1,000.00 for two) or used to help families who have financial hardship (job lose or parent with illness) as a subsidy for their tuitions. If you choose the general fund we may choose a child for you and keep you updated through the year on their progress. You will see your dollars at work and know you are making a life long difference to the recipient of your generosity.


Your donations can come in at any time, and will be used as a 100% scholarship. No administrative fees will be deducted teamat any time, so you know what every you give, how ever you give it will be used completely towards their education.

All donations must be made to The Graft Fund LLC and may be mailed to 263 Jackson Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046  Bless you in advance for the difference your donations will make!



Expanding our Understanding of Dyslexia


The power point presentation used at the UMatter Foundation launch, Friday November 20th, 2015

Given by Keynote speaker; JG Sinclair (Educational Specialist with 35 years in the field of Learning Distinctions, Certified Orton Gillingham Instructor, Founder of the 360 Approach to Education)










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