2017-2018 School Uniform List:

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PARKER School Uniforms – Lawrenceville

Parker School Uniforms
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In Session Hours
Monday-Thursday: 10AM-6PM
Saturday: 10AM-3PM
Sunday and Friday: CLOSED


Dress Code / Attire / Personal Grooming
At GPS, we intentionally endeavor to support growth in modesty, morals and integrity. One of the ways we do this is through the students’ clothing and personal style. While we want them to explore and expand their personal gifts, talents and celebrate their identity, we also want them to learn that real identity comes from within, and is not just a factor of what they “put on”.

The dress code at GPS is modest and conservative, but put together with “flare” it will be  Fashion Forward and Fabulous!  Add a plaid tie, black jacket, hair bows and you will make a statement that exudes confidence and style! Enjoy!


cassiaOn Mondays all students are required to wear their FULL DRESS UNIFORM. For young ladies that includes dress or skort (depending on age group) knee socks, white tights or ankle socks (depending on weather), and Mary Janes or Oxfords. In Fall and Winter dress uniform will include a school sweater. Red for PreK-3rd and Black for 4th and Up.

For Young Men this includes; Oxford shirts, School plaid tie, Or solid red or solid black, Khaki slacks for PreK-3rd and Black for 4th and Up. In Fall and Winter all boys must also have a school sweater, Red for PreK-3rd and Black for 4th and up.

WHY FULL DRESS DAYS???? Because they are THAT GOOD! Our students need to see their worth and value reflected in the mirror, dressed up, tidy and ready to take first place in whatever they decide to do.  They need to have a time to practice their “best behaviors” when they dress for success! This one day a week will get them ready for that journey to excellence, and let them see how it feels to move from mediocre to marvelous! Why??? Because they are, and they need to feel it, see it, and make the effort to make it happen, so they know it! That’s why.  (On Chapel days students will not have regular recess or PE)

School Uniforms  ALL students are required to wear the school uniform daily unless otherwise directed or approved.


Dress-Down Friday*
Students may pay $1.00 in homeroom on Thursdays to participate in dress-down Friday. For dress-down, students are allowed to wear non-uniform clothes of their choice, provided they are conservative and appropriately modest. Every Friday is also SPIRIT day therefore, students may wear school-spirit t-shirts, appropriate jeans and tennis shoes without having to pay the dress-down fee.

Unapproved styles for Fridays include but are not limited to:

  • Pajama-style pants, over-sized drooping pants
  • Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts with inappropriate slogans or writing
  • Oversized t-shirts that fall below the regular hip line
  • Shirts that expose the midriff, or are cut more than 2” below the collar bone line at the neck
  • Hats may not be brought to school unless requested for a specific event
  • Clothing in sheer or see-through fabrics
  • Open toe shoes, flip-flops/sandals, heavy boots, or any style deemed inappropriate by staff
  • Fitted jeans or leggings NOT covered by a long blouse or dress (must cover to mid thigh)

Due to participation in physical activities, it is suggested that girls not wear dangling earrings. Boys and young men may not wear earrings at any time on campus or during off campus events.

Students must be clean and groomed at all times. Hair may not be dyed in unnatural colors or worn in fashions that are trending or faddish. Boys and young men must have short hair in traditional styles, and cannot extend mid-way over ears, below eyebrows, or over collar. Boys may not wear fads such as Mohawks, Spikes or Dreads. If desired, middle and high school girls may wear very light daytime make-up.

Facial Hair: Young men in Middle to High School may not have facial hair of any kind during the school term. 

Book Bags
Preschool and kindergarten students can purchase a book bag of their choice, however, it must be the smaller size with minimal pockets and only one (1) main compartment. . Book bags should be clearly identifiable with the student’s name written on the exterior or a “bag-tag”. Bags must be sized to fit the child’s back, not oversized .    No rolling book bags or excessive pockets/pouches.

What NOT to Bring in Book Bags
Gum, candy, electronic games, trading cards, sports balls,  headsets, and radios. Any type or form of weapon, including any type of knife, lighters, or tobacco products, personal magazines (such as Teen or Glamour), make-up, nail polish, medication (left in book bags), jewelry and anything that you do not want lost, broken or confiscated.   

I-Pods and CELL PHONES  ON, IN SIGHT or IN USE is STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT SCHOOL.* See GPS policy regarding cell phones.  If a cell phone is confiscated it is $25.00 to have it returned. First time, every time. 

DRESS CODE IS STRICTLY ENFORCED: All clothing must be clean, pressed and free of rips or stains. Students who come to school out of dress code will be sent to the office and parents will have to bring a change of clothes or take the student home.

Please NOTE: The dress code has been updated again from last year.  There are items on the list that are MANDATORY for all students. Please check to be sure you have purchased all mandatory uniform items prior to the start of school.