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Gerard Prep School offers only 68 spaces per year in grade K4-12th with classes of 10 maximum in K4-3rd and 12 maximum  in 4th-12th

Admission to Gerard Preparatory School requires successful fulfillment of established prerequsites (prior transcripts where applicatand guidelines.  Prospective students will be chosen based on their desire to attend, their willingness to get involved with their own education, and their parental support.  If you have questions, contact the school office at: (770)277-4722 or send an email to;

2017-2018 Admissions:  New student applications are accepted at any time, and reviewed on a first come first served basis.  Consideration for acceptance will begin as of February 1st, 2017.  Students will be placed on a waiting list when classes are full.

K4, Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Applicants are considered for acceptance and placed in classrooms based on progress toward academic and social growth.  K4 students who complete the academic year in the full day program may be eligible for Kindergarten with continued enrollment at Gerard Prep (not subject to Sept. 1st birthday rule; subject to readiness assessment). Groups are blended by aptitude,  socio-emotional growth and learning stage. 

2nd through 10th

Applicants must submit  two years of report cards and combined with any documentation regarding prior educational assistance, tests, and or IEP’s from other schools. As educational and personal success is founded both on school and home environments, parents must submit a written request for admission based on their desire for their child’s over all success, not only academically, but personally.

11th through 12th

Gerard offers an excellent fully accredited High School program that is college or job market preparatory. 100% of our seniors have graduated and over 80% have received the HOPE Scholarship for college. Additionally, we can boast a 100% college admissions. We are proud of our excellent amazing High School students!

Application Procedures

Phase I – Records Assessment
Submit   REVISED Application for students2   

packet with $125.00 non-refundable fee
Include the following:

  • Minimum prior 2 years report cards
  • Last standardized test results, if available
  • Proof of no discipline record
  • Proof of regular attendance
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Immunization record (GA form 3231)
  • Vision/Hearing/Dental (GA form 3300)
  • Authorization to Release Records Form
  • Teacher Recommendation forms (see requirements for grades 1-12)
  • For homeschool students, please contact an admissions representative for required documentation

Gerard Prep reserves the right to require additional documentation prior to consideration for acceptance.

Phase II – Student Entrance Testing and Interview
Applicants may be scheduled for a student testing and interview session.  This step may also require a family interview at the discretion of the GPS Administration.

Phase III – Enrollment
If applicant is approved, parents have 10 working days from the date notification to complete Gerard Enrollment Contract and pay required registration/enrollment fee.  Gerard Prep reserves the right to decline acceptance for any reason.

Application packet can be mailed to:  263 JACKSON STREET, Lawrenceville, GA 30043

— Or deliver to the school office during business hours (7:45am – 3:30pm).


Registration papers must be filled out prior to starting school

(only AFTER your application has been approved).

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