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CELEBRATING THREE DECADES of Educational Experience with Advanced, Exceptional and Distinct Learners                                   Fully Accredited with the Georgia Accrediting Commission 

 The Heart of the Matter at Gerard;  


The difference between failure and success is the number of opportunities to fail or succeed. The 360 Approach CREATES opportunities for learners to succeed. The more opportunities, the more successes. It’s pretty simple. Once we know them (and how they learn) we make sure they use their specific gifts and talents to do the work, learn the concepts and apply them (in a way interesting to them) and guess what? Failure becomes success. Low self esteem becomes confidence. And reluctant learners become motivated to jump in… That’s the 360..Doing it all for them, so they can do all they can…


UMatter Launch Event-12Expanding our Understanding of Dyslexia

In November 2015, Mrs. Sinclair, Gerard’s founder,  was invited to be the keynote speaker at the UMatter Foundation Fundraiser.

Introduced by Ken Coleman (TV and Radio personality), at the completion of the 35 minute presentation Mr. Coleman stated that Mrs. Sinclair was an expert in her field and the presentation was a college graduate level condensation of critical information.  The link provided is the PowerPoint created by Mrs. JGSinclair and shared at that event.



Through our smaller classroom sizes, specialized teachers and our 360 Approach we have seen continued and  generous success among our students.  Our inclusive integrated learning groups produce the advanced confident learners who enjoy school, engage in learning, and show ongoing measurable progress, both keeping pace in some subjects and advancing beyond their grade levels in others.

What Experts are saying about our program...  Gerard’s founder Mrs. JGSinclair acted as a key component in the development Letters_alive_logo_stackedof the Letters Alive reading program. The stories and characters were developed and written by her, and she continues to have a presence in the on going program. Our pre-primary students and early elementary students have access to all their latest and most innovative offerings, giving GERARD a cutting edge advantage in the field of early intervention and linguistic development.  Click the link below to see the amazing statistics on the AliveStudio’s curriculum.


Continuing as leaders in specialty education with over three decades of experience in Gwinnett county.  All of our teachers  will continue to be required to hold a minimum of four year degrees, while many have Masters degrees. Each also completes the in-house courses and are specifically certified in the 360 Perspective. This training course teaches them to understand and apply current brain based research in the field of education and tailor their curriculum opportunities, seeing each student with a 360 perspective.   

What makes Gerard Prep a unique learning environment?

 CLICK LINK ABOVE -Education for their success  Mrs. JG Sinclair  School Founder-360 

This video was made in 2010. Since that time we have expanded the foundation of our educational approach,  linking together Applied brain based research, Learning style profiles and Educational psychology (focusing on their social emotional development), giving us a full 360 Approach with each student.  Thank you for watching.

To donate to Gerard, you may do so through the Graft Fund LLC a 501c3 tax deductible fund  dedicated to increasing educational, creative and personal opportunities and therefore the  possibilities of all learners.




The 360 Appraoch:  We see each student as intellectually capable and personally creative. We believe they each have the potential to be grow in confidence, find their passion and be successful in life.


SEE BEYOND THE WALLS AND WINDOWS at Gerard into our unique School House… We love our place…and are blessed by the space!