6th- 8th Grades





Many bright students who learn differently are able to make their way through elementary school. Though they struggle and certainly don’t live up to their potential, they are able to get by. But by junior high school the pace quickens, demands increase, and the rudimentary strategies that worked in lower grades no longer hold up. At Gerard, we work to not only deliver the knowledge students must master to advance, but also to teach learning skills uniquely designed for students who learn differently, to prepare them for the challenges to come.

Middle school is a difficult time for all children but especially so for students who have specialized learning challenges. Our middle school students transition from a one main teacher classroom to a multiple teacher approach (different teachers for core subjects). Gerard’s multidisciplinary curriculum provides opportunities for creative thinking, self-expression, and strong character development.  Our highly trained and qualified teachers  are able to challenge students with our flexible and rigorous programs in preparation for high school.  Students may also participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including theater arts, community service projects, student government, and competitive sports.

With a hands on experimental science lab,  mathematics tutoring both in class and consistently on the internet (so questions can be answered at any time on any day), interactive language class integrated with drama and art, students experience the 360 Perspective to learning by daily immersion  in educational opportunities.

Along with small class sizes, technology integration is a key ingredient in our student- centered classrooms.


Students engage on a daily basis in interactive SmartBoard lessons (pictured here) and online learning tools.

For Middle School +

Some of the dynamic programs that address the needs of all students include:

  • Individual Learning Profiles
  • Immersion in Fine arts
  • Executive Function and Organization Training
  • Social Skills Curriculum
  • Self Regulated Strategy Development Writing Curriculum
  • Math Acceleration & Remediation with internet connectivity for 24/7 instructions
  • Hands on Science with experimental labs
  • Focus on Language development: Reading comprehension, writing and communication and Verbal expression.

The content of our curriculum matches or exceeds that of any other Georgia school, and has been awarded the highest accreditation (Accredited with Quality) from the Georgia Accrediting Commission.