Gerard’s High School program sets our students on the road to a successful future. 
With a 12/1 ratio and a highly trained teaching/mentoring staff, Gerard students receive an
education that ignites and inspires both their heads and their hearts. 
  • All curriculum is aligned with the Georgia High School AKS.
  • The 360 approach is implemented assuring a collaborative student involved learning approach.
  • Each year our senior classes have concluded with a 100% graduation rate and over 80% HOPE scholarship approved. We are VERY proud of what they achieve!


caringWhere our students may have stumbled, failed and some given up hope at other schools or in other programs, the reason they succeed at Gerard is “heart.”  We honestly do care. What we do and how we do it matters to us as much as it does to them. Our teaching is not a job, it is our passion and fulfills our purpose.

As a Evangelical Christian school it is our mission to shine light on each students gifts, talents and hearts, and then their minds. Once they find out their real value, their motivation soars, and so do their grades, their confidence, and above all, their attitudes change! They are generally happier, less frustrated and want to come to school. While there are no perfect days, every day is better and some days can really be called the “best!”