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Welcome to GERARD PREP A Specialty School for Distinct Learners

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CELEBRATING THREE DECADES of Educational Experience with Advanced and Exceptional Students The Gerard Mission Statement- We are committed to creating opportunities where each student can develop their intellect,...

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The 360degree Perspective

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A 360degree Perspective   Means that we look at every aspect of a child’s development and provide the tools and skills your child needs to not only be a successful learner, but also a successful person. Academic...

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A Place They Fit: Our Students and Our Staff

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The Gerard Prep Student Profile Gerard Prep recognizes each child’s abilities...

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GerardConnnections: Customized Learning Programs for High School

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GerardConnections is a 360 learning program for students who want to go the...

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Arts & Atmosphere

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Balancing ACADEMIA and the ARTS At GPS we are committed to “creating...

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Gerard Sports and Clubs

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 Gerard State Champion Archery Team Begins each September with a...

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Life Lessons: OffSite Education

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“Education without Application is Useless Information.”...

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Define Gifted and Exceptional…

Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 in Administrative, Gerard | Comments Off

A Select Group or the Actual Norm? Let’s agree that learning disabilities...

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Get Ready for FALL EVENTS

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Gerard | 0 comments

LET’S CELEBRATE FALL TOGETHER!!!! Thursday, Oct 2nd Gerard’s...

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Gerard Reviews

Great School and staff! I find that the door is always open and that the teachers and principal are willing to meet with me whenever I need it. I moved my son here because of the small class sizes, and I see the difference.
Gerard Parent

Gerard Reviews

We entered Gerard with an academically normal 7th grader in which the public school system had made a very depressed young man. He never received praise for good work and the teachers seemed to harp on any negative action. We were advised by the school counselor that he had ADD. Our pediatrician told us this was totally untrue. After almost a year of Gerard we have seen a total turn-around in our son. Gone are the days of coming home crying, depression, and feelings of failure. He is extremely outgoing. He truly cares about learning and is unbelievably motivated to achieve high grades. As far as the mixed classes (SB10) I really don t feel that has been an issue. I have been very involved in our child s learning and he continues to excel. If this was causing an issue I think I would see signs of it. In addition, starting next year he will have the ability to earn AP credits offered by the state through Branch. I personally am glad to pay tuition that guarantees that my child will be taught in a very positive environment, by caring and gifted staff, in a Christian atmosphere, where he is encouraged to grow. I don t think that a parent can ask for much more.
Gerard Parent

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