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Welcome to the GERARD PREP School Web Site!

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CELEBRATING THREE DECADES of Educational Experience with Advanced and Exceptional Students The Gerard Mission Statement-Because What Makes us all the Same, is that we are all Different!   The 360 Perspective:  We...

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The 360degree Perspective

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A 360degree Perspective   Means that we look at every aspect of a child’s development and provide the tools and skills your child needs to not only be a successful learner, but also a successful person. Academic...

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A Place They Fit: Our Students and Our Staff

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The Gerard Prep Student Profile Gerard Prep recognizes each child’s abilities...

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Gerard Connnections: Distance Learning Program

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GerardConnections  A distance learning program for students who want to go the...

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Arts & Atmosphere

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Balancing ACADEMIA and the ARTS At GPS we are committed to “creating...

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Gerard Sports and Clubs

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 Gerard State Champion Archery Team Begins each September with a...

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Accreditation Gerard Preparatory School is FULLY ACCREDITED WITH QUALITY with...

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Life Lessons: OffSite Education

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“Education without Application is Useless Information.”...

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Gerard Reviews

What a difference a year makes! In our second year at BCCS we have seen our children learn to love school, become motivated to do their best, and take responsibility for their choices and actions. My husband and I are thrilled and look forward to graduating from 12th grade in two years!
Gerard Parent

Gerard Reviews

Branch is a great school! Our children have been attending for 3 years. One of my children is on the SB10, and the other is not. My son would have been mainstreamed in a public school, so I hardly see the difference in him being in classes with "normal" kids at Branch. It is a lot less embarassing for him then being pulled out or having an aid come to him. My daughter is doing great- she enjoys the praise and attention in class that was lost in a large class in public school. The comment earlier about teacher turn over is not true. Most of the staff have been there the entire time I have been there. In public school, my kids had a different teacher each year- I could never have kept up with the teachers that came and went.
Gerard Parent

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